The Red Isles

Consisting of a chain of five islands on the east coast of Silt: Lyh, Runt, Silcon, Berta, King’s Folly and three colonies within the Winding Strait; Ulmongy, Stierway, Intellomance.

The people of Red isles are crafty clever individuals from the lowly beggar working as a look out for the thieves guild in exchange for a bag of silver to the miser who filled his pokets with blood money and slave labor. Lyh and Berta are the perfect examples of the cut throat nature of the red isles.

Lyh a previous penial colony for Silt it won its revolution by littering Silts approach with mines sinking many of the Imperial fleet and stealing the head ship as a trophy it became to taxing to keep up and eventually Silt called back its fleet only a quarter of its former glory. Lyh now consists of a people so impoverished even the richest of citizens starve, its leader Theana Drike a human female is more interested in taxing every red cent from the citizens then her people.

Berta houses the Red Isles Armada consisting of thirty fleets, it is also the pirate capital as each ship carries both a white and black sail Berta was instrumental in making the Spirits Rebellion a success it is because of Berta that the red isles is still an independent nation as it houses the largest navy and the most ruthless crews.

Not all of the Red Isles is so crime ridden however Runt claims to be an island paradise and it is… if you dont look to deep and stay in at night. from time to time whispers of revolution can be heard only to be snuffed out just as suddenly as they appear. Runt has secrets, dark secrets and its leader a dragonborn by the name of Jonas Thyme rules in the public eye words of compassion and mercy, though his pardoned parties often end up dead as behind closed doors he rules with mercenaries.

Silcon on the other end is cramped, polluted, and the work horse of the Red isles where everyman gets a fair wage for fair work not even its leader dwarf Johnathen Ironside is above getting his hands dirty with the manual labor.

The Red Isles

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