The World of Oldiland

The Red Isles – The eastern kingdom comprised of a chain of islands. A varried nation with citizens of every race and occupation dispite its small size it has held off the expansion of both Sil and Lithum for more than three decades.

Lithum – The Ancestrail home of the Elves Lithum is second only to the northern expanse in raw untapped natural resources with Cities and town coexisting with nature and true minimalist cultivation. Lithum boasts its wildlife as citizens as well soldiers in its cause.

Silt- Housing both Human and Dwarf capitals as well as a menagerie of different settlements and races Silt is a diviveded into several different nations that adhere to one king covered almost completely by the Trolls Blood Mountains.

Adven Yield – The shelled out island that once housed the ranks of the pristigous Adventurers Guild the slow decline of membership and allure. The civil War between the Mages and the rest guild sounded the final death knell, and with the island scorched and scared leaving little on the island hospitable.

Reich- Little is known about Reich other then its the home of the Gnomes and their guardian Warforged. Do to the past conquests of the gnomes they have devoloped a well deserved wariness of outsides and as such dont embrace them like that of Lithum, Silt, or The red isles.

Rensho – Rensho is the home of the Eladrins, like Reich little is known about the inside by the outside world but contrary to Reich the secrecy stems from the elitiest nature of the eladrin and any non-eladrin or even distant born eladrin will find no true home here.

S’nand – Little is known of Reich and Rensho where nothing is actually known about S’nand seeing as no one has ever set foot on the island for the crystalline walls surround the whole island and those who try to scale the wall are never heard from again.

Triangelium – the home of the Guild of Magi after the civil war of the Adventurers Guild the magi spilt but having no nation who would house them, their pride wounded there only remaining options were to rejoin a society that shunned them or create their own utopia. they uninspiring named their utopia Triangulum after its shape.

The World of Oldiland

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